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What to Know About Double Sided Mattresses

Have you ever thought of buying a mattress that you can use on both sides? This is a logical step in the evolution of human sleeping accommodations. A two-sided mattress can be used on both sides dedicated to different seasons. The wear and tear on a single side are far less this way and greatly extend the longevity of the mattress.  

Even though single-sided mattresses are the more popular options, this has never really affected the demand for two sided mattresses. Today there are many manufacturers offering top-quality double-sided mattresses as a cost-effective alternative to the higher costs associated with single-sided mattresses.  

In the following posts, we will take a closer look at the double-sided mattress and why it can be the better solution to your sleeping needs.  

The Significant Advantages and Value of Investing in a Double Sided Mattress 

Generally speaking, there is virtually no difference in the sleeping experience of a single or double-sided mattress, the differences have more to do with personal taste and budget preferences.  

Defining One-sided Mattress: 

Simply put, the one-sided mattress is the type that can’t be turned over to provide an equally comfortable cushion on the other side. The manufacturers concern themselves only with the comfort and cushioning on a single side of the mattress and this can be done to different levels of quality depending on the design and materials used. One of the advantages of the single sided mattress is that the design allows them to be good for many years. Find out more about how Beautyrest performs long term. The firmness and support provided by one-sided mattress designs are partially due to this increased level of quality in cushion design.  

As a matter of fact, single sided mattresses are highly favored in today’s markets. Whether they use inner springs or coil springs, it is clear to see that single sided mattresses are widely available on the market, and for good reason.  

Understanding the Two-sided Mattress: 

If you are in the market for something cozy and comfortable that can conveniently support your sleeping needs for many years, then you need a double-sided mattress. This option can be easily flipped on its side so you can choose which of the options is better suited to your needs. One side is generally firmer and cooler while the other is softer and warmer. The major factors to consider will be your budget, the size of the bed, and whether or not you like both sides of the mattress.   

The only complaint with two-sided mattresses is their considerable susceptibility to wear and tear. There has even been some mention of the issue with sagging and the compromised quality of interchangeable mattresses. Nevertheless, by properly matching the mattress to the sleeping needs of the user, the double-sided option offers healthy sleep for many years. 

Why Should You Invest In A Two-Sided Mattress?  

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider investing in a two-sided mattress.  

  1. Worth the Money —A two sided mattress can be the cost-effective solution to providing quality and comfortable sleeping at the same price as a single-sided mattress of the same price.    
  2. Highly Durable And Last Longer —Most mattresses tend to last between 8 and 15 years in constant use. compared to the single sided options, two-sided mattresses seem to last longer and provide better comfort throughout the years.   
  3. Even Distribution of Weight — a double sided mattress can distribute the weight of the sleeping bodies more evenly across the mattress and this can prevent sagging in any one section. This ensures the comfort and support of the mattress for a greater period of time.   
  4. Freeness Add Comfort With Easy Flip or Rotation — the two-sided mattress can allow the user the freedom to flip the mattress at any time, and this increases the comfort provided. Simply flip the mattress whenever you want so you can have better comfort in your sleep. Even issues with sagging can be avoided by regularly flipping the mattress.    
  5. Promise Comfort and Cushioned Softness — If you suffer from aches and strains from your daily life, a double-sided mattress will allow you to recover from your fatigue. The double-sided option means that you can choose between the support of one side and the cushy softness of the other as you see fit.  

How Often Should You Flip Your Two Side Mattress? 

The choice of how often you will need to flip your double-sided mattress is personal.  Nevertheless, the manufacturers do have a recommended regularity in which you should have your mattress flipped. According to the manufacturers, the mattress should be flipped every 3 months or at least twice a year. This will not only give your mattress a better airflow but it will help to reduce the risk of sagging. Regularly flipping your mattress ensures evenness on both sides and increases the longevity of your mattress.     

The Bottom Line: 

In the end, planning on getting a double sided mattress will ensure you maximum comfort. You will find that many of the very best double-sided mattresses are a little more costly at first. But they will more than pay for the extra investment in many years of good service and quality performance.  

Always make sure you provide your mattress with proper care and maintenance. This will improve its longevity and increase your healthy sleep over the years. In the end, make sure you protect your mattress with a proper mattress cover to increase its longevity.

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