What Should You Consider While Trying Zorbing?

You are going to love this experience. Zorbing is a fun outdoor activity that gives your body an amazing weightless feeling. The best part about it is you don’t need any skills or training to do it and have great fun at the end of the day! Follow these pointers for your next Zorb adventure. These pointers will help you best because these are described properly for any beginner who is trying the Zorb ball for the first time.

Details regarding a zorb ball

What is a Zorb ball?

  • A Zorb ball is a spherical bouncy ball with a small center hole.
  • It is inflated with air or water and has a weight inside its body.
  • The weight inside the body of the Zorb ball adds to the force that makes it go up in the air.
  • It is usually used in outdoor locations like parks, parties, and other outdoor activities.

How big should a Zorb ball be?

It all depends on how big you are. If you use a smaller-sized zorb ball than your body, it might not be able to support your weight, and you will just feel like falling down harder than it should. So, make sure that you buy a zorb ball that is big enough for you and your body to hold up.

What is the difference between a standard zorb ball and a kite ball?

The kite balls are inflated using a special pump or air. It has larger holes inside its body, so the air can easily inflate it. The standard zorb balls are inflated only by using water. The standard zorb balls are way lighter and easier to carry around than the kite balls. You can easily carry it around with you during your adventure.

How to choose the right size of a Zorb ball?

Usually, the standard zorb balls are way bigger than the kite balls. If you are buying a standard zorb ball, make sure it has a diameter of at least 6 feet!

How to use a zorb ball?

You will have to lie down inside the zorb ball, and if you roll it on uneven places, then it can easily roll down hills and mountains. You should try using your Zorbing ball in grass fields or places where there is no risk of getting injured. After using your Zorbing ball, make sure that you clean it up before using it again for another adventure!

Safety measures to consider

Strapping in the zorb ball:

  • The most important part you should do first is to strap yourself inside the zorb ball using a harness. The zorb ball should have wide straps.
  • The straps will help you to stick with the zorb ball while rolling it down hills or mountains.
  • This is important because it is possible that you might be pushed, and also, there are cases when people are not able to have a hold.
  • So, you should only buy a zorb ball from kameymall with the best strapping facility is the most vital aspect.

Safety measures while rolling in your Zorb Ball:

The Zorb balls are not hard; they are quite soft and bouncy. That’s why extra padding is inside the zorb ball to make it more comfortable for users. So, nobody should make fun of you by pressing you harshly in your Zorb Ball. You will have to make sure that you roll down the mountains gently so that no one gets hurt while using this activity.

Observe the weather:

  • If you use your Zorb ball in the evening, then make sure there are no rainfall chances.
  • The Zorb balls have a small hole through which the air or water gets in, making them more bouncy.
  • If it is raining, then there is a high chance that the holes will get wet, and you will not be able to roll down the hill nicely.
  •  It will lead to damage to your Zorb ball!

How to make a Zorb ball move?

To make your Zorb ball move is very easy. You can use the hand pump or special water pump to inflate your Zorb ball. You can select the pump from the accessories that come with it. Also, the best part when playing in the zorb ball is that one can make a push and have a better game. In this manner, there will be no requirement for a mechanism for moving the ball.

How do I ride my own Zorb ball?

To get into the energy of driving your own zorb ball, you will have to practice some times before using it in a real adventure. So, start practicing and then try out your skills on a real adventure. Remember one thing; practice makes an expert! This is what you should consider while trying zorbing.

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