What Does GameStop Do With Old Games?

Have you ever wondered what GameStop does with old games? You may have purchased the games at one point and decided you no longer want them. If so, you can trade them in at one of their stores, and get a better return. But how do you know if GameStop will buy your old games? And how much will they pay? There are many options, but a few will likely fit your needs.

The most popular option for reselling your old games is through GameStop. If you’re looking to sell a console, this is probably the best place to sell it. This store offers cash for game consoles, and even better, you can get store credit. That way, you can use the credit on anything you’d like to purchase at GameStop. That’s perfect if you’re selling one console and buying another.

When you sell a game, make sure you get the most money you can. Although GameStop is known for convenience, they don’t always give the highest value for every game. Do your own research to learn what other stores are willing to pay for trade-ins. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy often have lists of their current trade-in values. Amazon even lists the trade-in value of a game right on its product page, so you can see for yourself if you can get a higher amount for your games.

Many game retailers are getting heat for selling used games. The company’s CEO, Paul Raines, has explained that about 70 percent of the money generated from trading games is spent on new games. The money generated is significant, at $1.8 billion, and not eating up new game sales. However, some of the biggest companies, such as Walmart, are experimenting with buying used games. So, what can GameStop do with old games?

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