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What Are Some of Your Favorite BTS Lyrics?

As a fan, you probably enjoy the quirky personalities of BTS. This group’s songs often encourage fans to believe in themselves and their potential. The imagery of the members’ personalities is especially powerful. Their songs are often about the need to let go of fears and trust in their paths. These can seem like heavy burdens, but they are the beginnings of budding wings that will allow them to soar to new heights. Without wings, however, you might have to settle for less graceful methods of flight.

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While BTS songs are widely popular, some lesser known BTS songs are worth listening to. The BTS members share their favorite lyrics during interviews. Check out their lists to find some of your favorite BTS lyrics! There’s something for everyone! You’re bound to find a song that you like! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with BTS lyrics, consider listening to a few of their older songs.

“Sucker” is one of the earliest BTS songs. Despite being a very rap song, it still carries a rebellious note. It is one of the best-selling BTS songs of all time. Featuring a rap from Suga, “Just One Day” is about the group’s first date. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next relationship, this song is a great place to start.

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