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The WebMusic music player is a desktop integration of your favorite music services. To use the player, browse the file system for service configuration files. These files describe the services’ available functionality, and sometimes link to a separate integration file. These integration files are inserted into the webpage and communicate with the application, exchanging information such as track name and artist. WebMusic also has a repository of existing service integration files. However, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with this player.

The recording industry, concerned about piracy and illegal downloads, has launched a counteroffensive against unauthorized music sites. MP3 players, search engines, and artists who put music online are all targets of the rip-off. The Recording Industry Association of America, the trade group that represents major recording labels, has already shut down hundreds of sites a week. While the RIAA’s efforts have been encouraging, they’re not going far enough.

Record companies should be playing ball with new online music services. While some already have sales functionality baked in, others plan to implement it in the future. In addition to generating new interest in back-catalog songs, webmusic services may bring retrophiles into the modern era. If the record companies don’t catch on, this is a missed opportunity for both parties. If these services are able to bring new music to the mainstream, the record business should be very interested in getting in on the action.

Another good option for streaming music is Imeem. The Facebook app is very convenient, but only displays nine songs, and the playlists aren’t refreshed. Fortunately, the generic embedded Web player works well. In other words, Imeem allows you to upload your own music or embed public music. The music service provides a 24/7 customer support center, and offers a variety of free features to make it easy to manage and customize your music.

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