Tinashe Hair: What Is A 5×5 Lace Closure Wig, And How Do 5×5 Lace Closure Wigs Work Without Glue?

For most persons who frequently wear wigs. The main query is: What kind of adhesive is required to wear this hat and wig? Glue is typically used on the head of wigs.

What Is A 5*5 Lace Closure Wig?

A closure wig is a 5×5 lace wig. The lace portion of the wig is large enough to effortlessly remove, measuring 5 inches broad by 5 inches long. (5×5 closure wig)

The center of the head is where the lace portion is—a device to your left. Four combs are stitched into 5×5 lace wigs to aid with wig maintenance. It has an adjustable strap at the rear, so you can quickly change the size of the cap to fit your head effortlessly.

Whether the lace is transparent or medium brown in tone, your hair may seem natural with either hue. Feel similar to your actual hair.

5*5 lace wig specification.

1. Cap construction

Although the handmade 5*5 lace wig is smaller than the 13*6 front lace wig (5 x 5 inches), it is simpler and more suited for beginners. This wig kind is suitable for beginners.

2. Parting space

A center parting is not required for a 5*5 lace wig, but you should pay attention to the style so that the edges are hidden.

3. Hairline

The 5×5 lace’s lace part, which is 5 inches by 5 inches, covers the forehead. Makes hair attractive and natural. We also use pre-cleaned hair to create wigs.

4. Costs

A 5×5 wig is inexpensive and suited for those on a tight budget because it contains a minimal lace part. For less money, you may purchase gorgeous hair. (5×5 closure wig)

How Do A 5*5 Lace Closure Wig Work without Glue? 

Even if the wig is completely skin-friendly, we cannot guarantee that it won’t harm the skin or hair. The methods of applying a 5*5 lace wig to your head without using adhesive are listed below.

Step 1. Cut off the excess lace.

Without cutting your hair, trim the lace as near to the hairline as you can.

Step 2. Place the wig on the cap and attach it to the wig holder.

If you have thick or long hair, put on a wig first, then arrange it behind your ears. Attach the Velcro tab at the rear after fixing the wig holder around the hair.

Step3. Adjust The Wig Until It Fits Your Head. 

Don’t forget to take off the wig clip before applying the wig. To conceal the wig clips, use an inner comb that is fastened to the front and a ponytail behind each ear. Depending on the size of the head or the design being utilized, a different number of pins may be needed.


  • You want a wig that looks more real! Is able to be used on a baby’s hair.
  • If you are scared, the wig will come off. The laces may be fixed with adhesive if necessary. (5×5 closure wig)
  • On the inside cap of the wig, apply foundation, such as powder or eyeshadow, in accordance with your skin tone. This will make your wig appear more natural when it is worn.

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