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The Reality of Social Media Marketing

The concept of social media marketing was around long before the Internet. When people go out to eat, they will tell their friends about it, and this information will spread like wildfire. Brands have learned to leverage the power of social media to target potential customers and find ambassadors to represent them. This new method has the potential to do both. But, it also has its drawbacks. Let’s look at three common pitfalls of social media marketing.

Many people struggle with social media because they have unrealistic expectations. After all, everyone “does” it, and it’s so easy to post, share, and like stuff. Using social media to boost your brand’s presence online is easy – even if it’s a bit time consuming. If you’re not comfortable handling the time and energy required, hire a social media expert who charges an affordable fee.

Paid social media advertising doesn’t work if you’re targeting the wrong audience. While paid social advertising can help you get more exposure, it does nothing to improve the quality of your message. In order to maximize your marketing ROI, you must create a buyer persona for your product and choose different ads for different target audiences. Facebook’s advertising tools allow you to target advertisements by demographics. Once you’ve got your personas, you’re ready to pay for your social media advertising.

In social media, it’s crucial to understand the myths and realities of the platform. For example, your social media team expects more followers. This metric is a useful anchor metric that measures your business’ performance against other brands and pieces of content. The more followers your page has, the better. More followers don’t necessarily translate into more leads, sales, or conversions. You need to understand what drives the engagement of your audience, which means a higher ROI.

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