The Basic of Pairing CBD Wine and Food

For many years now, the legalization of cannabis for medical and/or recreational use has been a contentious issue in many nations. Cannabis, popularly known as marijuana, is even beginning to gain recognition as a gourmet item that can be enjoyed with food. And now, CBD has been added to wine to provide consumers a better version of their favorite wines.

Just like with traditional wines, a cannabis-infused wine can also be paired with various foods to increase the enjoyment you can get from gourmet food. So, if you plan to pair your CBD wine with food, then you should learn the basics of CBD wine and food pairing. This way, you can ensure that you will do the right thing and acquire the best result.

Wine Pairing Through Contrast and Harmony

Red wines with a more robust, brusquer body and fragrance, like a CBD Syrah Wine, can stand up to dishes like roast beef alongside peppercorn gravy, whereas a dry CBD Malvasia Wine can pair well with seafood dishes like scampi or poached fish.

This theory is based on the notion that heavier cuisine pairs well with white wines and that dark, savory meats go better with dark, savory wines.

By experimenting with the basic flavor profiles of sour, spicy, sweet, bitter, and salty, you can further develop contrast and harmony. A whole new universe of food pairing possibilities can emerge when the unique qualities of both beverages and food are taken into consideration.

The wine will be more acidic than the zesty meal. Thus, the wine could seem tasteless. The same is true with combinations of sweet and spiciness. Wines that are sweeter go best with sweet dishes. Spicy dishes go well with spicy wines.

Strong wines and tangy whites both pair well with fatty dishes because the tannins in the former and the acid in the latter help to balance the richness. The typical sweet-and-salty pairing of salty meals and sweet beverages.

Regional Pairing

A regional pairing is a relatively basic concept. Consider pairing Italian cuisine and wine, or a cheese made from cow’s milk from the Willamette Valley with an Oregon pinot noir. Regional competitions don’t always have the best matches. However, they give us a framework to better comprehend the structural dynamics of wine and food pairings.

What develops collectively, stays collectively. Food and wine from the same region are influenced by the same environments, customs, and tendencies; for example, milking cows that graze on local pasture have a similar, if not identical, terroir to local grape varieties.

Additionally, regional wine influences regional cuisine (and vice versa), leading to the evolution of many of these traditional taste pairings that laud the virtues of regional cuisine and flavors.

Pairings of Acid and Acid

Acidity, as opposed to bitterness, can be combined with wines and food and forms the foundation of how people choose a CBD wine to pair with meals. The wine will taste bland if it has lower acidity than that of the food.

An easy way to visualize unbalanced acidity is to drink an oaked, warm-climate chardonnay CBD-infused wine and eat a vinaigrette-dressed salad. A dish’s acidity balance should be taken into account when combining it with a wine.

Sweet and Salty Pairings

If you’re a fan of maple bacon, salted caramels, or candied pecans, you might probably enjoy a food and wine pairing of a sweet cannabis wine with a salty meal. Asian dishes like fried rice and Pad Thai go well with riesling, as do pretzels and tawny port sweets.

Bitter and Bitter Combinations Should Be Avoided

Avoid the pairings of cannabis red wine with chocolates because the bitterness doesn’t pair well with anything more bitter. Bitterness is lessened when our tastebuds feel fatty in the middle.

Pairings of Bitter and Fat

Choose a thick, large piece of something fatty, then serve it with a tannin-heavy wine. I believe you can do better than the standard steak and red CBD wine food combo. Pair a red CBD wine, like an Italian Sangiovese with loads of cherry flavors, with an herbed roasted red tomato, rocket, and potato croquettes.

Instantly, you get a plate with tannin tempered with croquette fat and food and wine with complementary flavors (tomato and cherry) that enhance one another. I’m salivating already.

Acid and Fat Pairings

Nothing burns fat like a glass of bubbly champagne.  A beverage with a lot of acid will give a dish rich in lipids a variety of unique flavors. This is the reason why white CBD wine butter sauce is well-liked. The white wine alongside the butter sauce makes the entire dish more lively. Get a drink of something fizzy and zingy whenever you are around something rich, like cheesecake.

Alcohol and Fat Pairings

The alcohol classification is a little peculiar. Therefore, many of the same principles that apply to the Acid + Fat category also apply to Alcohol + Fat. The main distinction is that you shouldn’t use a beverage with a lot of alcohol as a palate cleanser since it will make you drunk.

Instead, consider a category for alcohol and fat as a means to reduce the consumption of fast food. The rate at which you finish your peppersteak will be significantly slowed down by a glass of zinfandel with a 17% ABV.

Cosnumers frequently utilize the alcohol + fat category when combining desserts, but as we learn to eat more slowly and savor each bite, I’d want to see it used more frequently when dining.

However, you need to consider that CBD wines have less alcohol content than traditional wines. As a result, you should exercise caution when following the alcohol and fat pairings and manage your expectations.

Buy CBD Wines From a Trusted Seller

Using a high-quality CBD wine when doing a food and wine pairing is crucial in achieving the best result. So, you should know where to buy CBD wine where you can ensure the legitimacy and quality of the product.

When making your purchase, opt for a quality yet affordable CBD wine. Remember, affordability is one of the benefits of drinking cannabis-infused wine instead of the traditional wine option.

In a Nutshell

Pairing CBD wine and food is basically the same as pairing ordinary wines and food. The CBD-infused wine still tastes the same as the traditional wine but with added benefits. So, if you are already following an existing food and wine pairing rule with ordinary wines, it is still applicable with cannabis wine.

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