Q&A to understand before using fillers

Substance injection is another type of surgery. and may result in blindness and death of the skin

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A: Although the answer is intravenous injection. Causes blindness, dead skin, but there are more details that can be explained: 1.1 injection locations, locations that will not cause blindness. is to avoid

Absolutely injected into the bloodstream whether artery or venous And must understand anatomy (Anatomy) to clarify that the arteries and veins on the face How to run, where to go, and to what layer of skin muscle or bone Because the arteries and veins They often run in parallel and run in the subcutaneous fat layer, so a safe injection should be injected in the awakened position or deeper digitalpinas.

1.2 Filler supporter which is

1.2.1 Very small needles should be used. even the needle that comes with the filler injection box If it is still too big then changing to Blunt Flexible Micro- cannulas would be more suitable. And reiterate that it’s not just Blunt Cannulas, but it must also be Flexible because when the needle tip is a dual needle tip, there is an opportunity to stab. The blood vessels will be less and when the needle tip is blunt will not be able to pierce through the skin The doctor therefore had to use a real needle to prick as a guide first. and then insert the needle into The area that needs to be filled with filler

1.2.2 Using tools to scan the veins injection site at the time of injection and inject into the part without blood vessels And avoid injecting into the blood vessels. This tool is very helpful in patients with dark skin or thick skin from having fat covering the blood vessels Result.

1.3 Method of injection before injection must be sucked to check whether there is blood or not. Which is fundamental After that, it starts to inject gently (Low Pressure Injection). carefully

1.4 The amount of injection should be injected in small amounts. and should not take the risk of injecting 2 boxes alone due to the filler. It is not designed to be filled with high volumes. to replace the bulge of the nose because if injected too much May affect the flesh in that area.

1.5 Substances injected are something that each clinic must be aware of. What was injected into the patient Whether it is certified by the FDA or not, all of them can cause blindness as well.

1.6 History of injections or history of surgery if the client has injected before no matter what kind both permanent fillers or temporarily The second injection is always dangerous. And the more history that he had had surgery or had an accident before Injection should be strictly avoided because the anatomy (Anatomy) of the blood vessels has changed more or less.

  1. How will I know if the patient who has injected has a problem? or have anything to indicate that there will be a problem

A: Be aware that “pale, white, swollen, purple, red” is abnormal. Occurs from injecting filler into the veins, for example, if the filler is blocked in the arteries, it will be pale and white, but if it is blocked in the veins It will look red, purple swelling, which is very important in the initial treatment. Because if it enters the artery The initial treatment is to try to dissolve. or crush the size of the filler with a hot compress But if it’s injected into a vein which will prevent the blood from draining A cold compress is needed to constrict the blood vessels livechatvalue.

quick early detection It can prevent the damage from spreading, so don’t be complacent. thought it wouldn’t happen to us. Personally, the patient himself, if found to have any abnormal symptoms To contact a doctor urgently.

  1. If symptoms do not improve after preliminary treatment with a compress what to do next


3.1 Apply filler dissolving injection (Hyaluronidase) injected approximately

0.1 cc. to spread over the area where the filler is injected Then massage that area for a while. For beauty clinics that are popular with injectables, there should be a filler dissolving drug at the shop as well.

Hyaluronidase u Pro-enzyme and Hyaluronic Acid (filler), so be careful that there may be a severe allergic reaction because even Acid, a filler used in injection, does not need to check whether there will be an allergic reaction before injection. But in the case of a substance to dissolve such filler need to check first

3.2 Apply plaster The plaster that is applied is not a normal plaster, but must be Nitroglycerine Paste or a patch that expands the coronary arteries used for patients with coronary artery problems. After the paste is applied, continue to massage for about 3-4 minutes.

3.3. Approximately 4-5 milligrams of High Dose Steroid (Dexa) will be injected, which will help reduce inflammation and swelling.

As for other treatments, whether eating Aspirin Grain 5, giving Antibiotics or having the patient go to the Hyperbaric Oxygen cabinet, the author considers it as a reasonable symptomatic treatment. Due to tissue damage it happened. What doctors can fix is just the beginning.

This article is written for physicians who require direct injection. which is a body of knowledge that the author has obtained from various articles as well, including

Plast Reconstr Surg, 2012 Apr; 129(4):995-1012.

Blindness following cosmetic injections of the face Aesthet Surg J. 2011 Jan 31 (1):110 Etiology. prevention, and treatment of dermal filler complications.

Everyone can read more and most importantly, it’s not just fillers. that can make blind The skin can die, but the fat injection that plastic surgeons popularly spin. If not properly injected, it can cause problems as well.

The author, as a physician, has no intention to obstruct or inhibit the honest occupation of all injection doctors. But I don’t want to have to experience more sad things that will happen to the patient. So I wrote a recommendation on how to inject protection. and healing for everyone to read as well

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