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How to Use an Instagram Story to Promote Your Instagram Page

How to use an Instagram story is a great way to attract more followers, and the platform has numerous options for promoting your account. This format works with pre-existing photos and videos, so you can add a link or call-to-action text to promote a specific product. Instagram allows you to create a countdown or other visual cue to make your Instagram Story more compelling. You can even use Giphy GIFs to engage your viewers.

Stories are a great opportunity to showcase behind-the-scenes footage or insights, which is valuable for brand awareness and engagement. They lock users into watching your content, which is perfect for sharing announcements, new products, and other updates. You can post multiple photos, which means you can showcase your personality. This type of content can be more engaging and attract more followers than your regular posts. If used correctly, Instagram stories can increase your brand’s profile and conversion rate.

When sharing an Instagram story, be sure to include the link in the bio. A link should include text or hashtag stickers telling users to click it. If you’d like to share a link on your Instagram story, include hashtags to help your content get more reach. A good example of a hashtag-rich story has more than ten users tagged. This will allow your story to appear in more feeds than it would otherwise.

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