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Do laser facials often cause the skin to be thin or weak?

frequent facial laser Will it make your skin delicate and weak? Popular questions of people who want to treat facial skin. But still not sure if it will do good or not. In fact, laser treatment does not make certain facial skin that everyone understands. In contrast, many types of lasers (Done properly by a professional doctor), especially the laser used to rejuvenate the skin will stimulate the creation of new skin that is good.

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“Thin skin” is a big problem for women.

Human skin has different thicknesses depending on the location on the body, such as the skin on the face, cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead. Normally, the skin consists of three main layers: the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. Which acts as a barrier against dirt and bacteria. The dermis layer is the next layer. There are nerves and capillaries, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, the subcutaneous layer (Hypodermis) that attaches the skin to the body. fat and muscle which consists of connective tissue, follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands

Skin thinning is having each layer of these skin atrophy and thinning. It can also be due to the fact that the subcutaneous layer has less fat. If we have thin skin will be noticed by the skin, it will look transparent and may even make it possible to see blood vessels, bones or tendons more clearly However, the skin can be easily damaged. which we may notice that the skin is bruised or torn after a minor injury The loss of fat from the dermis will make the skin look less full. or make the skin look thinner

cause of thin skin

– getting older The underlying causes of thin skin are wrinkled skin, less flexibility, dry skin, and more easily damaged skin.

– Sunlight, both UVA and UVB, can destroy skin cells. or cause damage to collagen elastin in the skin

– Use of steroid drugs can have side effects on the skin. The medication is usually in the form of a cream. or Ointment and used to treat skin problems such as eczema

Using laser to treat facial skin

It is a treatment or skin conditioning treatment by using energy from light with a specific wavelength. By sending light to target cells in problem skin. which has unique properties in absorbing that light energy to result in the destruction of specific target cells It has very little effect on other neighboring cells. Nowadays, lasers are used to remove unwanted things on the skin or to smooth the skin, such as removing wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, and reducing inflammation caused by acne. and reduce the occurrence of acne, exfoliate skin cells, make acne scars shallower, etc. without scarring. (non-invasive)

Does facial laser make your skin thin?

Laser treatment does not make the face thinner on the contrary. Many types of lasers, especially those used for skin rejuvenation, will stimulate the creation of new skin that is smoother and thicker than the old skin, or the use of lasers to stimulate collagen production of the facial skin.

What makes me understand that laser causes skin thinning is probably the laser in the group that causes skin abrasions. To stimulate the creation of new skin This will cause abrasions of the epidermis. Or the outer layer of the skin only and is a temporary abrasion, then the body will naturally create new skin cells to replace normal. Therefore, it does not cause thin skin in the long run. Especially if it is a laser that does not cause abrasions to the skin such as IPL, PDL, etc., it is not related to causing thin skin.

Although the laser face does not make the skin thin. But it depends on choosing the type of laser to suit your skin. Therefore, choosing a medical facility and a beauty salon that is supervised by a medical professional. Therefore it is absolutely necessary Because a good hospital will not focus on selling courses alone. but also focus on from the consult step to the treatment step For the best and safest results after treatment as well

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