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Founded in 2000 by Faisal Farooqui, MouthShut is a review website in India. It is a competitor to sites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber.

Review platform

Whether you are looking for a product review, or you are just looking to find out more about a company, Mouthshut is the perfect place to start. It is the largest consumer review social network in India. It has millions of unbiased reviews.

Mouthshut has a good user interface, which helps users find products that are nearby. However, it is important to remember that Mouthshut reviews can damage your reputation. If you have a negative review, you may want to consider using a reputation repair service. This will help you restore the business you lost from your Mouthshut review.

You can also consider advertising on Mouthshut portals. They offer a variety of different ad sizes, including ad units and CPM. These ad units are priced depending on the size of your ad and the position you want it in. You can also check out advanced pricing filters, which let you find the best rate for your volume of traffic.

Mouthshut also offers a platform for video reviews. This will help you get second opinions about a product you are thinking about purchasing.

Website advertising rates

Among the myriad of options available when it comes to online advertising, how much does a Mouthshut Website advertising campaign cost? The answer is a little more complicated than it sounds. The answer to this question is based on several factors, including ad size, page position, and content.

Aside from defining the pricing model for your ad inventory, you also need to know how much traffic to expect. This is because more traffic means more people will see your online ads, leading to a higher return on investment. For this reason, a Mouthshut Website advertising campaign is often an essential component of a website’s overall ad expenditure.

The Mouthshut website has a surprisingly plethora of features, including the ability to target users by demographics and interests. The company also provides a variety of options for ad placement and ad size. It also has a fairly large ad inventory, making it an excellent choice for online marketers looking to maximize their investment. Compared to other forms of advertising, it is a much less intrusive option, which is a big win for the user.

Brands can earn money from it

Besides social media, there are other ways brands can earn money online. One way is through a site called Mouthshut. These sites pay you to write reviews of products and services. Some of these sites offer a referral program in addition to paying you for reviews. The site has around 12 million products listed and has a hefty community. They claim that 700 million shopping decisions are influenced by their site. They are a real company and they are not scam artists.

Aside from the fact that you can earn money, there are many other benefits to signing up with Mouthshut. One benefit is that they offer tips on writing product reviews. The site will also give you MS Points for each review you write. You can then redeem these points for cash in your bank account. Taking out cash is a bit tricky because you’ll need to complete some KYC documentation in order to do so.


They also have an impressive referral program in place. If you sign up using their referral code, they will give you 50 MS Points for your first review. You can then share this code on social media to get more referrals. Another reason to sign up is the ability to earn up to 240 Rs a day for writing product reviews.

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